October 5, 2019 - Elk, Poland

JOHN STREET plays a concert to honor the music of Ogrod Wyobrazni (Garden of Imagination) at the Elckie Cultural Centre.


Ogrod Wyobrazni

Some History about the Concert...

The Garden of Imagination – a music ensemble whose popularity peaked  in the early 80's.  Still alive in the consciousness of many people as a peculiar phenomenon of Polish rock scene.  Issued years after the suspension of activity, two CD's  are a tangible proof of extraordinary craftsmanship and the original sound of the musicians from Ełk. Unfortunately, these recordings are practically unavailable on the market, so fans of the group must rather be satisfied with the songs made available on the internet.  Despite the passage of time, stunning compositions are still fresh, and the garden's accomplishments appear as a legend.  There will soon be a unique opportunity to remind listeners of this fantastic team.

The Garden of Imagination began their career in 1976 when, under various names, the young musicians honed their skills, playing mostly classic rock music.  The band's makeup has evolved a little, but each team member is worth mentioning: Jacek Olejnik – keyboards, Marek Wierzbicki – guitar, vocals, Krzysztof Osiecki – drums, percussion, Bogdan Łoś – bass guitar (later guitar), Janusz Zapolski-Downar Leszek Konstantynowicz – guitar, a little later Sławomir Chabski – drums and Władysław Jankowski – bass guitar, Henryk Piekarski – guitar. In 1979 the name of the Garden of Imagination was adopted.  The largest, but not the only success, is the victory at the festival of Music of the young generation in Jarocin (1980, composed of: S. Chabski, W. Jankowski, B. Łoś, J. Olejnik, J. Zapolski-Downar).  Since then, a very dynamic, but at the same time short nationwide career of the garden began.  Despite the fact that the group of fans from all over the country drove the team to the biggest events in Poland, the potential of the group did not receive the recognition that was deserved.

The group finally ceased to exist in the year 1983.  Although in 1986 there was another reactivation attempt marked by several great concerts composed by S. Chabski, B. Łoś, J. Olejnik and Kazimierz Barlasz – vocals, and Jarosław Fiebrich – bass guitar, unfortunately, immediately after that the band definitively ceased to exist (there were still several occasional performances by Jack and Bogdan in various musical projects).

 (Translated from Elckie Cultural Centre web page)