Stan Grala

Drummer Stan Grala has been Rocking the Hartford area since the late 70's. From Hard Rock to Heavy Metal, Originals to Covers, he has played his share of great tunes. Pounding the skins since the start of JOHN STREET  in the early 90's, he has also played in local bands Azrock, Axxis and Cyrius. His ability to play different styles and determination to Rock Connecticut has help make JOHN STREET  the Classic Rock Party Band it is today.  

Dave Lawson


Lead singer Dave Lawson is a veteran of the New England club circuit, having played throughout the 80's and early 90's with bands such as The Push, Fallout and Voyager. He has also served as front man for the tribute bands Live Evil (Black Sabbath), Over the Rainbow (Deep Purple/Rainbow) and Straight Shooter (Bad Company). His range and versatility help JOHN STREET  cover a wide variety of classic rock styles - from Ace to Zeppelin!

Alan Bruce

Bass player Alan Bruce is the newest member of the JOHN STREET   family.  Alan's musical journey began in his native Banff, Scotland, where he played in a number of popular bands.  He brings over 30 years of experience and enthusiasm playing classic rock to JOHN STREET.  His bass playing and harmonies add a new dimension to the band's sound.


Jacek Olejnik

Jacek "Jack" Olejnik  joined JOHN STREET  about one year into the band's history. Jack hails from Elk, Poland where he enjoyed major success with his band Garden of Imagination (Ogrod Wyobrazni) as well as the Polish Prog Rock bands Exodus and Mad Maxx. Jacek helps round out the band's sound with his style influenced by Deep Purple, Genesis, King Crimson and countless other bands.

Shawn Mangan

Shawn Mangan has been playing guitar for JOHN STREET since the first party. He brings to the band a wide variety of musical tastes and abilities. He has played in Axxis with Stan and Greg (Maerz), Animation, and Driving Force with Greg.   Shawn actually started his career in the music industry as a "roadie" for JOHN STREET's very own Dave Lawson.